I’m Celebrating!

CFPjCOO2Today was a big day!  I wrote “The End” on my second book, Fool Me Once. It’s now in my editor’s very capable hands.

I’ve said it before — this book is bigger and more complicated than Reading the Signs. It presented so many challenges and I’m so happy to have the story off my mind. I couldn’t wait to see how it all turned out and I’m very happy with the results.

The editing should take a couple months and I’ll need to have a cover designed. There are a million other things to do to get it ready to publish. I’m shooting for late February or early March.

If you want to know when Fool Me Once goes on sale, you can check my website, Facebook, or go here and sign up for my newsletter. If you go the newsletter route, the news will be delivered right to your inbox.

Thank you to all of you who asked about this book and told me how you’re looking forward to it. The encouragement kept me on the job.

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