Book Under Construction

IMG_2624My goal is to get the next installment of the Legal Affairs series out in August. It’s called Fool Me Once.

My original inspiration for the story is Monica Lewinsky and the compete trashing of her reputation at the hands of the media.  I’ve often thought of her over the years and wondered how she overcame such a devastating (and if you ask me, grossly unfair) portrayal in the media.  It got me thinking of ways to give her a happy ending.  That’s how Fool Me Once was born.

I’ve been writing madly and the first draft is nearly finished.  I was interrupted in May because we were traveling.  It was a fast trip — nearly 8000 miles in three weeks!  My husband and I agreed that was way too fast.  We like to take at least five days to drive from Las Vegas to Boston.  Doing it in four nearly killed us.  Thank goodness for Nora Robert’s Concannon Sisters. Those audio books kept us company the whole way. The picture above was taken on Long Beach Island in New Jersey.  We had the whole beach to ourselves.

But I digress.  I’m back at work on Fool Me Once and I’m still hoping for the (late!) August release, but it’s going to be tight.  I’ll do my best and let you know how it goes.  🙂

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