Reading the Signs is almost here!

001 Angela 72I’m very excited to announce that Reading the Signs will be released April 1, 2015.  Yes, I know it’s April Fool’s Day, but that’s seems appropriate, somehow.

For now, I hope you enjoy the cover and the back cover blurb. You can read deleted scenes, peruse the photo gallery, and watch a video related to Reading the Signs if you follow the links in the drop down menu under Books, above. Now, here’s the blurb:

What happens when strangers marry then discover they’re connected  in ways neither could have ever imagined—or wanted?

Kate Jensen is a widow who vowed to never be vulnerable to love again. When she longs for a family of her own, her solution is an arranged marriage to Jack Cardwell, a computer genius with problems of his own. The marriage is supposed to be based on friendship and it allows them to have the family they both want.

But when they meet, Jack is the nerdy jock in the funny t-shirts Kate’s been ogling from a distance. And Kate is the stranger who’s been starring in all of Jack’s steamiest fantasies. When sparks fly, sexy and hilarious antics ensue.

Unfortunately, the honeymoon can’t last. Jack failed to mention the spies trying to steal his computer program, as well as the federal agents that have invaded his life like malware. If that’s not bad enough, Kate has holes in her past she can’t explain, even to herself.

Their secrets ultimately collide to reveal alarming connections between them, ones that change everything they thought they knew about themselves and each other. They’ll have to face their deepest fears if there’s any chance for love to save the day.

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